Diabetic me - my story about how i fight diabetes

This will be my story on how I fight diabetes daily. I've been diagnosed when I was 37 /that was 10 years ago. But here I am - alive and kicking.

Today’s personal blog post is from Senior Associate Editor, Cara. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Last week, two of my colleagues at the JDCA were talking about whether they carry a glucagon pen and if so, where they carry/store it (I mean, there is only so much room in a lady’s purse.

Prioritizing what to stuff into your wristlet for an evening can be a hectic decision). They also discussed if they taught the people around them (family, friends, etc) how to administer the pen. To find out what normal blood sugar is refer to blood sugar levels chart.
A blood sugar levels chart will give you a good estimation.

You want a cure. You want the research aimed at the cure to happen. You want these organizations to direct their collected money toward that cure research. But what you fail

to see it’s not A leads to B (money in the right direction leads to a cure-all). It’s more like A leads to a whole mix of scattered letters and we’re trying to determine the order before we can finish the alphabet.

Blood sugar levels chart

With blood sugar levels chart you will be more safe. The road toward the cure is more than just conducting the actual science experiments that might help pinpoint the complexities and incredible uncertainties about Type 1 diabetes. It’s about learning about the disease to know what is needed to cure it, and being able to maintain the largest revenue streams (government funding) that currently go toward a cure. That takes advocacy, messaging, and marketing. Without that money, the research in the labs that is discovering more about diabetes and giving us more insight into HOW we cure diabetes, can’t happen.

It’s not as simple as saying “fund a practical cure” and that’s it. If so, the JDF and ADA and all these organizations could have teamed up long ago to just dump enough money into the cure pot. We do not currently know what exactly we’re looking for as a cure, and that’s the challenge that necessitates all of this other advocacy and fundraising. Refer to blood sugar levels chart for more information.

You know, aside from simply living well so PWDs will actually live long enough to see the cure.
Although arguing semantics is not really productive, I do want to point out the way you phrased something in the first paragraph – “you want these organizations to direct their collected money toward that cure research.”

We think it is always vital to remember that this “collected money” is the very same money donors raise through their hard work and efforts to fight for a diabetes cure. It is not simply us at the JDCA that want this money to be used for cure research – we are a collection of voices – the voice for a cure, and aim to represent all of these donors.

This is why we were created, this is the mission we strive to achieve.

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