Diabetes and blood sugar level

You are very right, however, that the road toward a cure is very uncertain, and no, even if we got all of that money to be used in the research labs, it is not a guarantee that we will find one. We do indeed need advocacy, messaging, and marketing. However, the main issue is that not many researchers have a focused, precise definition for what they are looking for, such as our Practical Cure concept. This is what is missing from (most) of the research labs and the other areas the diabetes foundations spend the money on.

Yes, we realize that we still need to learn much more about diabetes, and many researchers find it difficult to set their foot down and focus one one precise definition of a cure and follow a timeline. Also see blood sugar levels chart for more information.

However, we do believe that things need to change. We have been following the road toward an “Idealized Cure,” meaning this same long, undefined, none-time sensitive, A to Z (and beyond) route for a very long time. Unfortunately, it has not gotten us that much closer to a cure ever since insulin was discovered.

This is a point where some will disagree with us, but we absolutely believe in action and in change. We want the diabetes foundations to be more transparent with their financial practices, we want them to be more accountable with their choices, and we want a well-defined and time-sensitive diabetes cure target. If we do not fight for change, we can not expect a different outcome than the current one.

One point that I believe we can all unite on, however, is our push for more advocacy for diabetics – there is a growing number of people out there suffering from the disease, on a worldwide scale especially, and we need to do all we can to ensure that they get the help and assistance that they need (and hopefully not have to suffer their entire lives with this disease).

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